Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The James Beard Awards influence

I have made some very important decisions today which were largely influenced by the announcement of the James Beard Awards.

I want to eat at
French Laundry for my one year wedding anniversary. I need to eat there once before I die or I don't think I can call myself a "foodie." I know it is expensive, but I figure my anniversay is a time we can splurge. They take reservations up to two months in advance. Take note, honey. I love you!

Mazy and Deenie, when I come visit you in Chicago, I really want to go to
Frontera Grill for dinner. My treat, since you both will be hitting the books at Northwestern. Rick Bayless is the chef and his cookbook was the one I used to make my menu the other week for my Mexican dinner party.

And brother, we still have to go to Babbo. I don't know why exactly, but I just have to eat there. This restaurant choice was not influenced by the James Beard Awards, but by my love of salumi, pancetta, prosciutto, and genuine Italian cooking. Bring your appetite, we are doing the tasting menu.


al said...

alice, love the blog! did you notice Primanti's won?!?

Little Brother said...

You're paying, dude.

mjh said...

French Laundry for our first anniversary, eh? Dang, there goes my plan of taking you to Chevy's.