Sunday, June 17, 2007

Greetings from Nicaragua

Posting during my trip has been a little more difficult than I have anticipated. However, have no fear, I have taken notes and pictures of the foods I have eaten during this adventure. I must admit I am getting a little sick of eggs and beans for breakfast, even if they do stick to my ribs. I am starting to miss my morning staple of cereal with soy milk.

The general schedule has been to eat breakfast, do an activity, than have an afternoon snack, then dinner in the evening. We have been doing ample sampling of the local brews. Some are definitely better than others. Most claim to be lagers but they are the lightest lagers I have ever tasted.

We landed late into Guatemala so there was no sampling of the foods, however, we have had some delicious meals in Honduras and Nicaragua. We have been seeking to the local cuisines when we head to dinner. Also the fresh fruits, in particular, the mangoes and bananas are delicious!

I return to the States on July 4. I will then blog about all my yummy Central American food experiences. I have also been very inspired to experiment in the kitchen as well and will share those adventures with you. Wish me safe travels!

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