Sunday, July 22, 2007

Charles vs. Willy Wonka

Charles Chocolates is yet another Bay Area breed of gourmet chocolates. The packaging is what initially caught my eye. The bar comes in a thin, cardboard box that is a warm brown color. On a recent visit to a new confection shop in town, The Candy Store, I finally picked up one of these enticing bars of chocolate.

Charles Chocolate bars have very interesting flavors, including: Hazelnut/Candied Orange Peel, Mocha Java, Bittersweet Carmelized Rice Krispie Bar, Milk Chocolate Carmelized Rice Krispie Bar, and a Ginger Bar. I like the pairings, complementary and a little different, but not to wild. I chose the Bittersweet Carmelized Rice Krispie Bar thinking would be grown-up version of my favortive chocolate bar as a child, the Nestle Crunch.

Opening the package is a multi-step process. First, you must open the box and slide out the dense bar wrapped in foil. Then, you carefully unwrap the bar and break off a piece of chocolate. By the time I got to the actual chocolate bar, I was expecting to see a golden ticket!

The chocolate is extremely smooth and rich. The carmelized krispies add a nice crunch and bit of texture. The rich taste of the chocolate lingers in your mouth for quite a while. The bar is broken up into 24 squares, so with a little self control, this bar can last quite a while.

Chocolates from Charles Chocolates would make a nice gift for a chocolate loving friend or serve as a nice little indulgence for yourself. It might just bring a little magic to your life!

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Anonymous said...

Very delicious indeed. But everyone knows that Willy Wonka was written by Roald Dahl. And everyone of course knows that he's from Norway. And even more obvious STILL is that Firklover (milk chocolate with hazelnuts) is wrapped in a gold foil wrapper — probably making it the inspiration for the famous golden tickets. Firklover is also the best of the Freia chocolates. You should go to Norway and taste them all though, just to be sure you agree with me.