Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The lure of cinnamon rolls

Sure I go to the farmer's market because of all the delicious, homegrown, genetically unaltered food. I thoroughly enjoy walking around the market picking out a a week's worth of produce for our household. I start to get very anxious with so many choices and alluring colors. Whose tomatoes look better? Who has the best plums? How much can we really eat in one week? Who sells that delicious corn we had last week? What in the world is that Asian vegetable? This is all a part of Saturday morning farmer's market fun. But you really want to know what gets me out of bed on Saturday morning and to the farmer's market? It's this:
This cinnamon roll is to die for. Really. It is enormous, just slightly smaller than a child's head. And you can only get it at the Alemany Farmer's Market on Saturday morning. It is the best thing I think I have ever tasted. I know I am exaggerating, but after five days of healthy cereal eating for breakfast, this indulgent baked good hits a note love in my stomach. It is like Christmas morning every Saturday. This particular vendor has lots of other yummy looking pastries, but I cannot get past the cinnamon roll. The cinnamon and sugar mixture, doughy bread, and icing are perfectly proportioned. I can't even tell you how much self-control it took me to get these rolls home so that I could photograph them. And then every morsel of the treat has vanished and I begin to consume the fruits and vegetables I purchased for the week, meanwhile fondly looking forward to the next Saturday morning.

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