Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sustainable Table

I discovered the Sustainable Table website about a month ago. Every time I visit, I end up a little more educated about sustainability thanks to the wealth of information that is available. As you might have guessed, this organization supports the sustainable food movement and educates people on food-related issues. Their goal is to offer a guide to the increasing number of consumers who want to shopping smarter, eat healthier, and enjoy fresh, locally-grown products. I am one such consumer and this site not only explains the sustainability movement, but also offers news about the movement from around the country, as well as where to shop for sustainable products. I recently used their site to help a friend find out what fish would be environmentally-friendly to serve her wedding guests. This is not a one-time website visit. They have tools that you will want to use often, so bookmark the site.

They also have a blog, The Daily Table, that I read regularly (add it to your Reader). Currently, the blog is devoted to the happenings on the Eat Well Guided Tour of America, a cross-country tour promoting local food. They are making stops at sustainable farms and restaurants. There are some truly amazing things that are being done around the US to support sustainability. It is quite inspirational.

I encourage you to check out this website. It will broaden your horizons about how you eat and shop for food!

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