Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Whole Foods - Potrero Hill

Grand opening Whole Foods - Potrero! At last!

Perhaps the only bummer about leaving SOMA for Noe Valley was leaving the Whole Foods behind. Not that I didn't think that Whole Foods was often over-priced or too crowded to shop in, but you know, it is nice having a place close to the apartment where I can get organics and fresh fish. I definitely had a list of things that I could only get at Whole Foods. Between the farmers' market on Saturdays, the Good Life Grocer in Bernal, Mollie Stones, and the local butcher and bodega, I have been getting by without a Whole Foods in my life. This past week Whole Foods welcomed itself back into my life with the opening of a new store in a neighboring ‘hood!

This past Wednesday's SF Chronicle Food Section brought music to my ears. The new Whole Foods in Potrero Hill was OPEN! This is fairly convenient to our house so on Sunday afternoon, I set out with Jai to do some grocery shopping for the week and get some lunch. Never go shopping with a ten-year-old. She is a big help, but she doesn't have much control over the shopping cart, which she insists on driving. I actually hate pushing the shopping cart so this works out, but she hit one out of every two people with it. My apologies to those injured. Kidding, but thanks for understanding. By the time we got to the checkout, I was ready to pull out my hair. She is a great kid, just hard to keep track of when she is asking every employee if they have pomegranate. What she was going to do with one, I have no idea, but I let her run with her quest.

This Whole Foods is the largest in San Francisco proper. And, even better, they have a two story parking garage that is easy to get in and out of unlike their other two locations. The deli/prepared foods section is quite robust, notably the soup selection is stunning. The bakery is quite extensive. Some stranger was trying to convince me that I should buy Jai this remarkable chocolate dessert that was priced at $6.99. I don’t think so. The meat counter is long and has an expansive selection. The fish counter rocks. If anything, the produce section seems small in comparison to the other stores. There is ample seating for dining-in and there is even a coffee/shop bistro section on the ground floor which allows for even more spaciousness. Once I get the layout down, I think I will really enjoy shopping in this store.

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