Sunday, September 9, 2007

Good Luck Lobster

I start my new job tomorrow. I am really quite excited to start. I have my new (to me), little Prius all ready to make the commute to Napa. Though, I must admit, the GPS is elluding me a bit. There is a learning curve on that bit of technology. I did get my Bluetooth working though.

As a surprise, Mike got us lobsters for dinner. As a former cook at a seafood shack on the shores on Connecticut, he claims to be quite the lobster boiler. In the three years I have known him, I have never seen him in action. Tonight was my night to see him in action.
I got the full tutorial. Boy vs. girl lobsters. What lobster "blood" is. How long each sex needs to cook. How they float when they are done. Mike manned the pot and the initial cutting and cracking. Meanwhile I steamed some corn on the cob and made an easy heirloom tomato salad.

The lobsters were delicious and it was really fun to learn how to eat them like a pro. Also, I enjoyed comparing the textures of the lobster meat from the different body parts. What a treat! Thanks, honey!

*Why is this blog post called, "Good Luck Lobster?" If anything, the lobsters had some bad luck at our house tonight. There are foods in my life that I associate with good luck. While I am not particularly superstitious, I do think that eating something you love, that prepares you mentally for something important, isn't a bad idea at all. For instance, my dad used to make me "Good Luck Waffles." I would eat these waffles the mornings that I would return to college. That "good luck" would fuel me through the next semester. So Mike, I am afraid you may have started a tradition of eating lobster the day before either of us begin a new job.


Anonymous said...

I'm starting a new job! Not tomorrow, but someday. I want my lobster!

Jamie said...

This sounds delicious!! I'm looking around my immediate vicinity for lobsters, and have so far had no luck. Then again, I'm in Baghdad.