Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Mystery Box

This stack of produce was quite a surprise. This past week I ordered a "mystery box" of fresh produce from Mariquita Farm. The farm has begun delivering these mystery boxes to local restaurants for pick-ups on Thursdays. They describe this venture as, "taco truck -meets- the-farmers market." How great is that concept? This week's delivery restaurant location was Incanto, which is in our neighborhood, so I placed an order. I figured that it is September and with so many yummy things are in season that I would not end up with box full of potatoes and kale (always a risk in the winter). For $25 it was worth a try.

First of all, the word, "box" is misleading. It is more like a crate. A huge crate of vegetables. I have about 12 multi-colored peppers, 20 plus tomatoes, 3 huge eggplants, carrots, red chard, a whole pie pumpkin, tropea onions, baby gold beets, basil, godzilla fingerling potatoes, and a "mystery," zucchetta rampicante winter squash. The squash looks like a butternut squash whose neck has gone wild. This was a lot of food for $25. I could not believe my eyes when I got home and Mike had laid everything out on the countertop. Needless to say, I steered clear of the farmers markets this weekend. I had more vegetables that I knew what to do with. Tonight I made ratatouille for dinner using some of the loot and it was delicious.

The drop-offs are every other week. The dates and locations are:
9/20 Pizzetta 211
10/4 Let's Be Frank at 1 Fort Mason
10/18 Zuppa
11/1 TBD

If you are interested in ordering, follow this link for the details.

Mysterious Thursdays at Mariquita Farm

Order your mystery box today. It is a really fun thing and you will be supporting local farmers and cutting down on your food miles. You have nothing to lose and fridge full of farm fresh produce to gain!

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